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This page is introduced ice fishing in Japan.
The lake name is Hibara Lake that is a damming lake made by volcanic eruption 130 years ago.The altitude is 822 m and the area is 10.7 square kilometers. Its maximum depth is 30 m.
In the lake there are trout, black bass, carp and smelt. During the period from spring to autumn, bass fishing is prosperous and tournaments are held every month.

shantySmelt fishing season from November to March, Ice fishing is possible for two months from mid-January to mid-March.During that period, trout fishing will be prohibited.The period of ice fishing is very lively, more than a thousand people a day enjoy it. There are about 10 suppliers around the lake and each has shantys on the lake. The usage fee per day is approximately 3,500 yen. Fishing equipment is a separate charge.

Individual anglers, such as us, we'll fish at own shanty or shelter. Japanese shanty are narrow places with only sitting space, not gorgeous ones like the US with beds and kitchens. The shelter is of an umbrella style, it is smaller and lighter than the one in the US.

Target fish is only smelt. We usally fish it using a motorized reel running with AAA batteries. Here, the number is evaluated rather than the size. Per day,failure at 100 or less, normal at 100-200, good at 200-300, great at over 300.

This video was taken of the state of Hibara Lake.

Smelt will be fried or tempura, cooked dish "Nanbanzuke" and we eat it.

shanty2Hibara Lake is about 210 km north on a straight line from Tokyo. Using the Tohoku Shinkansen, go to Koriyama station, change to the Banetsukishi line and go to Inawashiro station. From Inawashiro station, there is a distance of about 27km, and you go by bus or taxi.

There are many hotels around the lake. About ice fishing, if you consult beforehand, you will get advice.
Urabandai Tourism Official Website(English)

Hibara Lake is special good place. If you have the opportunity of trip to Japan in winter. Please visit there by all means.

I have the blog of fishing in Japanese. If you have the Internet browser that able to exchange language, please see it. English comments are also welcomed.

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