11th time kokanee fishing in Numazawa Lake.(20230805)

I stayed in hot spring that I alway use day before and waked up pm4. The way to lake was 5 km. when I arrived lake side, there is nobody.

I prepared my fishing gear and descended to the lakeshore, which was nearly full of water.This lake is used for hydroelectric power generation and the water level is always up and down.

Paddle out to lake and set up my fishing gear. I’m using 6’4″ rod.

In North America, I think the softness of a rod ranges from UL to XH. In Japan, it ranges from 9:1 (very hard) to 5:5 (very soft) based on its bend.

My rod is 6:4, it is soft and difficult to let fish escape.

Connect two 4-hook rigs and attach a 112 g sinker at the bottom.The total length will be 3 meters.leader is 4lb. Sinker is painted black to avoid startling the fish.

My fishfinder is Garmin Echomap 95SV and tranceducer is PS31. This tranceducer is PANOPTEX system and I can see all fish in front.

Optimally adjusts depth and forward distance. Today I set the forward distance to 18m and the depth to 18m.

Move the kayak looking for fish ahead, and when a fish is found, stop the kayak over the fish and drop the rigs.

Kokanee is a very timid fish and runs away at the mere sound of an engine. Even if I approach them with the kayak, fish in the shallower layer than 5 meters will notice them and run away.

When the rigs reaches the fish layer, move the rod up and down to entice the fish.

Today biting of kokanee was no good, and did not come to the table,fishing was difficult.

When kokanee is hooked, the tension at the rod tip is often lost and the kokanee jumps out into the lake.

I love this fish fight.That is one of the reasons I love this fishing.

The average size of kokanee in this lake is 9 to 10 inches, with the occasional 12-inch kokanee.

At the beginning of the season, the fish are very active and will bite at the drop of a hat, making it possible to reach the 50 fish limit for this lake.

I was able to do this until noon and catch 18 while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

I love this beautiful lake.

Comments in English are welcome.

11th time/295 kokanee/average 26

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