14th time kokanee fishing (20230902)

I also went to Lake Numazawa. This time I arrived at the lakeside at 5:00.

There was no one ahead of me and two cars came later. When I lowered my kayaks to the lakeshore, the water in the lake had receded somewhat.

Attach the fish finder and transducer to the kayak. My Garmin PS31 transducer fires a beam at an angle of 60 degrees forward and 120 degrees up and down.

This allows me to detect fish schools up to roughly 300 feet away; the LiveScope is 200 feet, so I have about 1.5 times the forward detection capability.

PS31 makes it easy for me to find and catch the kokanee. Without it, there would be no fishing at all.

I paddle off the lake, prepare my rigs and drop it in front of the fish, but they don’t bite.After all, it seems to be another difficult day of fishing.

In the spring, kokanee will bite these rigs unconditionally, but after the summer, they are less likely to do so.

I managed to catch two fish in an hour, but then the rest did not follow. Moving to the shallow south side of the lake, there are fish, although a little more than before.

As expected, the kokanee swim around the hook, but do not bite easily.

It manages to bite when I drop it straight ahead 2m at the right time, or when I invite it by moving the rod up and down widely when the kokanee is interested.

The fish fight is very strong for the kokanee, and they will pull a 130g sinker and jump up to the surface. One of the reasons I love this fishing is its strong fish fight.

And I love the view of this beautiful lake.

I fished hard until 2 p.m. and ended up catching 14 kokanee. This may be the limit under conditions where fish are very scarce and the bite is poor.

Next weekend I will go lake trolling, and then from the 15th to the 23rd I gonna go to Washington State to enjoy fishing.

I am very much looking forward to meeting some of my North American fishing friends.

14th time/332 kokanee/average 23


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