13th time kokanee fishing (20230819)

I went kokanee fishing for the first time in a week. When I arrived at the lakeside at 4:50, there were three people ahead of me this time.

Set the fish finder and transducer. The fixing bar of the transducer was fixed with adhesive, so it will not be oriented oddly as before.

I paddled out of the kayak and looked at the fish finder and found fish around 27ft and 40ft as before.

Set a sabiki rigs with 8 hooks and a 130g sinker on a 6’4″ rod. To attract fish, I also add about 1 inch of silver braid in three places.

When ready, slow the kayak down and drop the rigs in front of the fish.

This time, however, they are not biting at all. After not catching a single fish in the first hour, I was ready to be got skunked today.

Half an hour later, however, the long-awaited one was caught. When a school of three or four fish approached, I moved my rod wide and kokanee bit.

I had a few fish bites, but the 4lb leader line broke in two places. So I replaced the bottom four hooks with 6lb leader line ones.

Even if I drop the rig straight down 2m ahead of the fish, it doesn’t bite. When there is more than one fish, the fish may bite if I move the rod widely.

I managed to catch four fish by 9:00. Then I was able to get to where there were more schools of fish and by 12:00 I had added 9 more.

As I expected, the pattern that got the fish to bite today was to drop the hook where there was a school of about three to five fish and move the rod in a larger direction to entice them to bite.

I finished at noon and caught 13 fish. Before, I had 10 fish, so that was an increase of 3 fish.

The schools of fish have been very small this year and the fishing has been difficult. However, I believe that training under severe conditions will help me in the future.

13th time/318 kokanee/average 24


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