12th time kokanee fishing in Numazawa Lake (20230812)

I stayed in car on the lake side day before. And I waked up AM4:40. The other angler was only one.

Rig my fishing gear into the kayak and set sail. I saw the fish finder, the kokanee swimming layer is about 27ft.

I attached the rigs in the rod, and drop into before the kokanee. But they did not bite easily, and I was able to catch only one for first hour.

I was using 4lb leader line first, but the kokanee cut it once. I changed it to 6lb line.

Today the kokanee at 40ft to 47ft were biting better than at 27ft.

When I dropped the rigs vertically 2 meters in front of the kokanee, the fish took a bite about 50% of the time.

But it was so hard because of kayak can’t stop in a hurry. If the line slanted even slightly, the kokanee was never biting.

And the distance between the rig and the kokanee is also important, and it must be exactly 2 meters to get a bite.

If it is farther away, the kokanee will not be able to find it, and if it is closer, they will be startled and run away.

I fished for almost 7 hours and caught 10 fish this time.

After returning to shore, I looked at the transducer PS31 and saw that it was off at an angle.

I thought that the fish on the fish finder would often disappear today, but I found the cause.

I will try to glue that in place by next time.

12th time/305 kokanee/average 25


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